Maintaining Drill / Power Tool Batteries


When do I recharge my drill battery?

There is a belief that you have to completely discharge (flatten) your drill / power tool battery before recharging it.
 Some even place the battery in the torch until the light goes out or….

 The old favourite, place a rubber band around the trigger until the drill stops turning.

This is incorrect!!!!!!

The best advice, according to the Owl, is to use the drill / power tool until it stops performing the way it should (usually when you only have one or two screws left to fasten).  That is the best time to recharge. So it might be advisable to have a second battery to continue with while your battery is recharging.

By completely discharging the battery, as in the incorrect belief, you are in fact shortening the life or number of cycles your battery was designed to supply.

At Battery Wise we will give you the correct advice for all your battery needs.

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  • Luke Ricketts

How to charge a bank of Batteries connected in Parallel


When you have more than one battery in a bank of batteries connected in parallel and the bank has been discharged below 10.5 Volts or 100% depth of discharge, it is advisable to recharge each battery separately with an automatic charger.  Failure to do this can lead to batteries accepting a higher than required charge rate due to the charger not being able to determine the individual internal resistance of the batteries. While this procedure may take extra time to fully charge your parallel bank, it will take less time in the end than having to replace them or claim a warranty which may not be accepted due to incorrect charging of the batteries.

Don’t let this happen to your battery due to incorrect charging


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  • Luke Ricketts