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Campervan / Caravan / RV Installations

Campervan / Caravan / RV Installations:


We are fully equipped to kit out your campervan, caravan or RV to get you away travelling and enjoying the great outdoors, hassle and worry free. Your system can be fully customised to suit your requirements. Installations may include solar panels, charging systems, rear/reverse cameras, inverters, auxiliary batteries, towing solutions and lighting, and so much more. There is also the option of a lithium setup using a high quality Enerdrive Power System.    

Our auto electricians will give you the correct advice for your needs to ensure trouble free travelling in the future. We will make sure that your inverter and charger are meeting the requirements of those ‘necessary’ appliances such as the microwave, fridge, kettle, television, hair dryer and coffee machine! We offer a large range of solar panels including Enerdrive and Projecta.