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LIGHTNING Auxiliary Power Battery Box


Best suited to fit a 120Ah AGM Battery, this is your perfect portable power solution.

The LIGHTNING Auxiliary Power Battery Box has been designed by qualified Auto Electricians to meet your every need.

This box has been made to be user-friendly and has been created with precise skill and care.

Features include:

  • Master switch to control digital voltmeter and dual USB socket
  • Digital voltmeter with blue display to monitor battery voltage
  • Dual USB outlet (4.2A) with blue LED surround
  • 2 x Anderson Style Connectors for Auxiliary output / input
  • 2 x Accessory Sockets (cig sockets) for power appliances
  • 1 x Engel Fridge Socket (2 pin)
  • 50A Automatic reset circuit breaker for Anderson connector protection 
  • 30A Automatic reset circuit breaker for Accessory socket protection
  • Easy-fit Positve & Negative leads to connect to the battery terminals (10mm ring terminal)

The portability of the product means you can move it between your vehicle, camper trailer, caravan or boat, or just around your campsite wherever you need it. It pairs perfectly with one of our dual battery wiring kits for in-vehicle installation, and you can add an extension lead for more flexibility to your accessories.



(Battery not included with this product)


 Available online or in-store. Feel free to get in contact should you have any queries about this product. Call us on 07 5437 6799, email to sales@batterwise.com.au or via our contact us form. 


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