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Lithium Installation in a Caravan


This caravan was in for a replacement/upgrade of its lithium power system. 

The van was originally fitted with 4 stand alone lithium batteries hooked up in parallel - one battery had failed after approximately 5 years, meaning the customer could either replace just the failed battery (which is not recommended by the manufacturer due to age) or replace all the batteries.




Having lost faith in the original batteries that were in the van, they spoke to Enerdrive in Brisbane, and opted for a 400Ah Enerdrive lithium system. We were contacted by Enerdrive and the customer to then carry out the installation.

Using 2 x 200Ah slim battery packs we were able to install the system in the caravan's boot along with the rest of the electronics without losing too much packing space. The van also already had an Enerdrive ePRO Combi Inverter/Charger, meaning Enerdrive were able to re-program it to suit the new system.



Some of our range of Enerdrive products can be viewed and purchased here, check out the range on Enerdrive's website, visit us in store or call on 07 5437 6799 to chat to our staff about your options. 




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